3 Doctors to Visit Before You Travel

Traveling is stressful enough. But getting sick or injured, especially when it is preventable, can make any trip just awful. Trust me, ending up at a doctor’s office when you should be enjoying your dream vacation, especially when it could have been avoided, is heartbreaking at best, miserable at worst. Here is a list of some of the preventive medical measures you can take before any long trip.



Your general or family practitioner knows you best when it comes to your health. A general physical should be done at minimum. They can give you a treatment plan for any problems they may find and help you deal with or correct any issues you may already have. Also, you should update your prescriptions so you have enough medication on hand and if you need more, get a current prescription to refill while you are on the road. If you are traveling overseas, tell them you are leaving the country and where you plan on going when you make your appointment. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control keeps a running list of vaccinations you will need when you visit certain areas. Give your Doctor a heads up before you come in so they can research what you need and have it on hand for your appointment. Some inoculations may require a series of visits, so plan ahead. Bring in your vaccinations records because you may be missing something essential or some of your previous shots may require a booster. If you don’t have any records, you may have to get a bunch more shots than you expect, And talk to your insurance company to ensure these inoculations are covered. Check out what you may need by visiting https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/list



Have you ever broken your glasses or lost a contact lens? It can be a time-consuming and expensive process. And, if you have not gotten an eye exam and your prescription is out of date, the time and cost can increase. Make an appointment with your optometrist for a current eye exam. Then get yourself a back up pair of glasses to take with you and keep in your luggage. Even if it just a cheap pair of glasses or throw away contact lenses, it is better to have something than nothing, you don’t want to miss out on everything you came to see because you sat on your specs.



I once got a tooth ache on a business trip. It was, in short, awful. I woke up and my entire face hurt. I had to call in, find a dentist that took my insurance, get to that dentist, go through the entire process of visiting a new dentist, new X-rays, the whole shebang. Then I could get this issue I came in for taken care of; which ended up they just gave me some antibiotics and said see my regular dentist when I got home. I have spent a lot of time and money on dental work over the years. And preparing for two years in the outback 9,000 miles away from my awesome dentist (Dr. Robin you are the best), was a journey in itself. Two crowns, one cavity, one broken crown, one pulled tooth, two new teeth and several thousand dollars later and I am finally in “good dental health.” I won’t be taken by surprise again when it is avoidable. So, get your teeth cleaned and those cavities filled before you leave.



Find out if your favorite medicines are available in your destination country. For instance, NyQil is not available in Australia.


You want to be as healthy and as possible when you travel. Not just for your own sake, but it makes your trip so much more enjoyable when you have that peace of mind and when you are feeling your best.



*DISCLAIMER: This post is not meant to be medical advice. Discuss any issues with your own medical professional. Follow these tips at your own risk.
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